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Useful information:

​Our Haflingers are very much a part of our family, each with their own unique personality and at varying stages of training. We are happy to answer questions about them and will be looking for new homes where they will continue to flourish. We appreciate your understanding while we determine if they are the right horses for you. We have a compulsory first right to buy back any of our horses sold.

Furthermore, all Mirabelle Farm Haflingers are:

  • Trained from birth using John Chatterton's 10 Step Method

  • Microchipped and registered with the Australian Haflinger Horse Breeders Association (AHHBA)

  • Fed with care using a dietary plan developed by Lucy Prior of Gotcha Equine Minerals

  • Have their feet trimmed by a professional trimmer every 4 weeks

  • Wormed, immunised and have their teeth done regularly

  • Trained to stand sensibly to have their feet trimmed and to load in the float

  • While we never rug our horses, they have been trained to stand for that, too. 

To make an enquiry, please contact us.

Currently Available

Mirabelle Farm Allspice




Alcantara (IMP)

Cinnamon BA440 (Abendsturm BA377 (IMP))

Allspice is the friendliest foal we have raised.
With both Sire and Dam standing at 149+ cms he will end at least that tall, however we think he may go taller.
He has some colour faults which made him unsuitable for breeding but do not affect him as a gelding.
He has been on trail walks and is working through the John Chatterton 10 steps well.
He will continue his education with us until his perfect home is found.
Contact us for further information.


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